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Flat Rayon Viscose Yarn dyed in 1005 Colours
Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread in 624 Colours
Acrylic Yarn dyed in approx. 100 Colours
Polyester Filament Yarn
100 % Triolobal Polyester Embroidery Thread
Now introducing 150 tons of dyeing proposed upcoming project.
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RST GROUP :- The RST group (established 1919) is a leading manufacturer of world class Rayon in INDIA . RST is the leader and pioneers in INDIA In this sphere of embroidery yarns and Flat Viscose rayon filament yarn dyed with a development of more then 5000 colours out of which we have 624 colours in Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread and 1005 colours in Flat viscose rayon filament yarn dyed / Aari yarn ready in stock to cater our customers in domestic and overseas market. Our production unit in Gurgaon are truly world class manufacturing units that produced yarn for weaving - twisted yarn - dyed yarn - embroidery thread, with all in house capacity suitable for fabric it to be natural , artificial , synthetics or blended . The company soon going to cover under ISO - 9001 : 2000 quality management system and we are an OEKO TEX certified company for selling its product all around Globe with confidence and quality .

Fabricating incredible fabrics

Producing finest rayon is a grueling process. But all exhaustion evaporates once the final product is acquired. The shimmering rayon is a resounding success among the admirers of fashionable and elegant products. Sensuous sarees, gorgeous dress materials, elegant upholstery and smartest office wear. Fashion designers, embroiderers and garment manufacturers are preferring rayon over other fabrics for its look and versatility.

Clients a Priority

RST, since its inception, has been catering to a vast yet satisfying clientele which is ever increasing. The group is the preferred choice for the mills, business houses traders and buying houses. Improved product, advanced technology, skilled man power and prompt and punctual service have been placed us at an enviable position. By our esteemed clients.

The Gurgaon based RST Rayons® engaged in the manufacturing of rayon single and embroidery yarn, has recently launched its product under the brand name of 'Colour Rayon'.

This rayon has a better cover uniformity as compared to the conventional rayon available in the market. The quality of rayon also permits running of machines at higher speed due to quality and best precision winding.

The unique feature of this yarn is its availability in 500gm, 1Kg, 2Kg of the package, the perfect colour along with perfect twist to achieve optimum sheen and the precision winding with special finish to enable high performance in computerized embroidery machines. Tassels, Woven and Knitted Garments, Carpets, Hand Embroidery, Upholstry, Furnishing, Stoles, Scarves, Handicraft and many more. The rayon filament yarn is available in all deniers from 120 denier to 1500 denier in single flat filament along with twisted in 120x2, 150x2, 300x2, 300x3ply, 450x2ply, 600x3 and many more.

The company is covered under ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

RST Rayons® lays special emphasis on quality of yarn procurred domestically and also imported. The complete process is done in house using the latest two - for - one technology to twist the yarn Azo free dyeing and latest precision winding with 90% of the thread production in viscose rayon. These yarns gives a natural look and retains luster after repeated washing also. The company specializes in rayon yarn and has strong customer base which are fed from its offices for the last 50 years.

RST Rayons® is also dealing in tailor made items i.e. plied yarns even upto 20,000 denier with dyeing.

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