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Flat Rayon Viscose Yarn dyed in 1005 Colours
Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread in 624 Colours
Acrylic Yarn dyed in approx. 100 Colours
Polyester Filament Yarn
100 % Triolobal Polyester Embroidery Thread
RST gold & RST wonder:
Aari yarn retail pack for exports.
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Flat Rayon Viscose Yarn dyed in 1005 Colours


Light fastness & washing fastness parameters

Colour Fastness to washing ISO standard 105-C06.06 #   4-5
Rubbing Fastness Dry 4-5
Rubbing Fastness Wet 3-4
Colour fastness to light ISO 105 B 02 #   4-5
Dry cleaning   Suitable
Washing in mild cationic / non ionic detergent   Suitable

Brands            RST Rayons®            RST Wonder®           RST Gold®            ColourRayonTM

Brands            RST Rayons®            RST Wonder®            RST Gold®            ColourRayonTM

Denier600 / 3 products are also produced in retail pack for domestic and overseas markets.
Packaging1kg / 12 Y cone / 10 Tube box


  • Material with ColourRayonTM / RST Rayons® / RST Wonder® / RST Gold® thread should be washed separately with non- ionic detergent.
  • Observe the instruction provided by the manufacturer while using the mild detergent.

Post Wash Steps

  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Squeeze out by the hands
  • Do not wring or twist
  • Do not leave them wet
  • Roll up in a towel to absorb the excess moisture
  • Do not use any stain remover
  • Do not bleach specially if coloured embroidery threads have been used as it will impair the colour


  • Material with ColoursRayonTM / RST Rayons® / RST Wonder® / RST Gold® can be dry cleaned
  • Avoid high temperature
  • Avoid direct vicinity of heat, moisture and sun light
  • Embroidery materials should be ironed on the reverse side or sandwiched between two pieces of cloth


  • Our yarn possesses all the ideal of viscose filament yarn
  • Our material are the paragon of hygroscopicily
  • Fully resistant to friction, light and ultra - violet radiations
  • ECO - friendly as they are azofree and break resistant even at the speed of 1000 stitches perminute
  • Superior quality viscose filament yarn
  • Structured for aloquent application of machines for even intricate and elaborated designs
  • Splendid colours with magnificent lusture
  • Hands favourable at high speed embroidery machines
  • Rigid, elegant and flexible with less shrinking stratum
  • Correct meterage
  • All our products are bacteria repellence & fungus free

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