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Flat Rayon Viscose Yarn dyed in 1005 Colours
Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread in 624 Colours
Acrylic Yarn dyed in approx. 100 Colours
Polyester Filament Yarn
100 % Triolobal Polyester Embroidery Thread
RST Rayons® India no. 1 selling brand in Flat Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn dyed/ Aari Yarn.
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Mystery Called Rayon

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Mystery Called Rayon

Mystery called Rayon

Nature has gifted many natural fabrics to man. But his quest for more has resulted in creation of artificial fabrics. One of the most elegant such fabric is Rayon. The fabric has swept the textile industry off its feet. Not only garments but upholstery also has redefined by rayon.

The Colours of Nature

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Nature's most beautiful creation is man, with his intelligence and wit; he far outclasses every other creature. Man too creates. His creations are a celebration of life. Things that glorifies life. Objects that pleases life. Things that colours life.

ECO - Friendly Unit

The Dyeing Plant has a eco - friendly atmosphere and is a totally water harvested unit.

Yarn to Rayon

Rayon is made of cellulose, the solid part of plant's cell wall. Cellulose for rayon is made from wood pulp and cotton linters which are short linters fibres left on the cotton seed after the long fibres has been removed. The yarn that finally becomes rayon is known as Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY). The yarn is excellent for dampness absorption, air ventilation, dyeing and daping effect. Fabric made with VFY feels like cotton, drapes like wool sheaths and clings like satin and has the luster of silk. As an important raw material for fashion clothes, this product has been widely used in industries of weaving, knitting and threads making.

More About Yarn

Dyed yarn in answer to pollution free successive processing, easy usage and high additional value, the spun dyed yarn was developed. Numerous varieties of this yarn is available in bright colours with high colour fastness. The yarn is dyed directly in the production.

Whitening Filament

Processed out of the viscose filament, whitening filament with its light blue fluorscent colour and luster has elegance, good dampness absorption, air ventilation, bacteria repellency, bright colours, prominent dyeing as some of its most sought after quantities. It is extensively used in various fashionable and elegant products.

Dyed Rayon Filament

The RST Group lays special emphasis on quality of yarn procurred domestically and also imported. The complete process is done in house using the latest two-for-one technology to twist the yarn Azo free dyeing and latest precision winding with 100% of the thread production in viscose rayon. These yarns give a natural look and retains luster after repeated washing also. The company specialises in rayon yarn and has strong customer base.

Embroidery Yarn

The Unique Features of this yarn is its availability in 500gm, 1kg & 2kg of the package, the perfect colour along with perfect twist to achieve optimum sheen and the precision winding with special finish to enable high performance in computrised embroidery machines. Tassels, Woven and Knitted Garments, Carpet, Hand Embroidery, Upholstry, Rugs, Throws, Furnishing, Stoles, Searves, Handicraft and many more. The rayon filament yarn is available in all deniers from 120 denier to 1500 denier in single flat filament along with twisted in 120x2, 150x2, 300x2, 300x3 ply, 450x2 ply, 600x3 and many more. We also support tailor made items i.e. piled yarn cabled yarn even upto 20000 denier with dyeing.

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